• Antibacterial resistance represents an urgent unmet medical need which can lead to accelerated regulatory approvals
  • The potential market for our products is significant: $3B in US.
  • Gordian has a Scientific and Commercial team in place with the experience to take its compounds from the clinic to the market
  • Gordian can create both Clinical value for patients and Shareholder value for investors


History predicts that Gordian Biotechnologies will enjoy significant increases in valuation upon reaching specific milestones. These milestones are typically the allowance of an IND, a proof-of-concept study in man, the filing of a new drug application (NDA) and the approval of the NDA allowing the drug to be commercialized. Independent of these milestones, additional non-dilutive cash infusions to the company may come from out-licensing indications or territories and from grant support.

Possible exits include Joint Venture, Licensing, IPO (there have been five successful IPOs of antibiotics companies in the last five years), sale of the Company, or many other alternatives which will be explored. Some examples of recent sales transactions include Fedora by Roche for $750 million for at phase I, Cubist by Merck for $9.5 billion, Optimer and Trius to Cubist Pharmaceuticals in 2013, each for more than $700 million, and Rempex by The Medicines Company for $140 million up front and up to an additional $334 million upon the achievement of certain milestones. While these examples are no guarantee of results for Gordian, the value of antibiotics companies is now being clearly recognized in the market.

There is an evergreen market for new antibiotics, due to the ongoing emergence of organisms with new methods of resisting the killing effect of existing and anticipated drugs. It is estimated that over 3,000 people die unnecessarily every day around the world due to antibiotic resistance. Gordian Biotechnologies is working to stay one step ahead of these bugs and to build a new antibiotics company.


As a privately held company, funding will come from grants, individuals, venture funds, and eventually, institutions. Operating under a highly capital efficient model, a small and highly qualified internal staff will lead scientific and commercial initiatives, and will establish strategic relationships with leading companies and consultants for support in clinical, finance, regulatory, legal and manufacturing. Gordian Biotechnologies will form the necessary partnerships and agreements for collaborations in research, development, clinical development, manufacturing, and commercialization.